Our pricing model

Low Tier

$800 or less

Low tier website jobs require very little set up and can be completed in a matter of days.  Sometimes, this involves simple improvements to an existing site such as adding new features.  These jobs typically don’t involve site overhaul, just small tweaks and changes.

Middle Tier

$800 to $2000

A lot of jobs end up being mid-tier.  These kind of jobs usually involve making some major changes to portions of an existing site, but keeping much of the structure and content of the site in tact.  A mid tier website normally takes a week or two to finish.

High Tier

$2000 or more

When doing a high-tier job, we do nothing less than help you bring your dream to life.  Normally requiring a multiple-week time frame, we either build your entire website from scratch or overhaul your existing site to create exactly what you envision.

Available add-ons

Ongoing Maintenance

If you’re willing to take care of your new site and add content, we’ll teach you how to do so!  But things get busy – we get it.  Since we’re already familiar with sites we build, we can maintenance them for a small monthly fee.

Extensive SEO

We’ll always do basic SEO on a site, but if you really want to your business to get the exposure it deserves, you might be interested in an advanced SEO package.


Statistics help you understand where things are going right and wrong.  Google Analytics can provide numbers on just about every aspect of your site.  We know how to read the numbers and help them improve.

Cost factors

You can get a feel for what your site may cost based on these factors.  Try to think about whether some of these categories will need heavy attention during the course of building your website.  Then, when you contact us, we can work together on a full price analysis before eventually sending you a proposal.

Number of Pages

The amount of work needed to complete a website scales upwards with the number of pages that the website is to contain.


Websites can be simple and straightforward or they can be tastefully designed with world-class elegance.

Plugin Support

Some websites need only present information, but others require the use of plugins for additional functionality such as eCommerce integration or advertisement tracking.

Responsive Design

In rare situations, a website only needs to be tailored to desktop view-ports.  Usually, however, they are designed to fit hundreds of devices and screen sizes.


Search Engine Optimization helps popular search algorithms find your website more frequently upon the use of various keywords and phrases.


Sometimes, clients have data that is ready for use.  Other times, the developer must find stock photos or otherwise add content to the site.

Other Customizations

Anything on a site that is more complicated than what can be achieved through conventional means requires extra work hours for custom coding.


Setting up an online marketplace can be extremely time consuming.  If you want customers to be able to shop on your site, the site may take some extra time to set up.