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Sunpro Solar: Case Study

Sunpro Solar is a solar panel installation dealer and installer based in Southern California. They perform solar panel installations for homeowners and commercial businesses throughout Southern California. Back in April of 2018, however, their website wasn’t up to par.  As the industry around them began to upgrade their web presence and digital footprint, Sunpro remained a step behind. Our task was simple – upgrade their website into the modern age, equipping it with a variety of tools to generate leads for their business.

  • Sunpro Solar
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Website Design, Development, Basic SEO
  • May, 2018
  • www.sunpro-solar.com

The Project

Over the course of two weeks, we built Sunpro Solar the top website in the industry. Not only does it look good, but it generates business. This thing is a powerhouse. Equipped with a solar calculator and Live Chat Support Feature, Sunpro Solar has been able to turn their landing pages into tools to collect potential, interested customer’s information.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. In the background, the site uses a variety of pixel trackers to pin point the common audiences viewing Sunpro’s site and the interactions those audiences makes on the site. Furthermore, the analytics allows us to identify what parts of the site work and what tools are best converting traffic into new leads. The site works hand with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Events Manager and more to help them convert potential customers into clients.

All in all, Sunpro’s website has been transformed into the backbone of their successful digital marketing strategy. It’s a site we’re particularly proud of and a company that we continue to work with. Working with Adam and Jesse has been a pleasure, and we hope that Sunpro Solar continues to kick butt with their new and upgraded digital marketing strategy!